background reasoning and why I am so excited

I think this such an amazing idea and thank you for letting me place this digital electronic piano in your home. It will be lovely for the kids in their music development and a good way to utilize the time when it’s not easy to get out. I am sure they will like it.

I am not a very good piano player myself but have lots of good friends who are and several of my friends are professional musicians so I have always great people to ask. My kids just love playing their guitars and they have board really nice keyboard that the play everyday…just for relaxation. As you know I have my Afghanistan girls in France that I have tried to enable with musical instruments and accessories and know how much it means for their development and honestly it so brilliant to be privileged to do that. For me there is nothing more beautiful than to see young people develop and flourish/Blossom.

Store and keyboard selection

I have used Thormann (in Germany) quite a lot as they are the greatest online store on this planet. I actually looked for a piano from an UK sellers but they either sold out on good options or that they had closed the store due to Corona. But honestly I was not sad about that was not possible as then it was an easy decision as the reviews on this keyboard was really outstanding for price/performance. It’s the clear bestseller in Thormanns for digital pianos. There were cheaper but they didn’t have what I felt most important,  the full “weighted keys”. For me its so important to get similar feel as a ordinary mechanical pianos to be able to get the real dynamics in the music. Most cheaper keyboards has no weighted key so it’s just an on/off switch but some are semi-Weighted that register how hard you hit but will not give you the standard feel. In the latter you can play in a dynamic way but if you move to another piano you need to start again with the dynamics. I actually had a friend of mine (not very close friend but a good friend but he is a well know studio musician) look at the specs and compare a couple and he said that this was outstanding form price performance perspective on paper…and as the reviews were so positive it should be that i real life as well. The main thing is naturally that you get a keyboard but I also wanted a package with a stand developed for the keyboard for the looks and a good sturdy piano chair that you could adjust in height and get a combination that looks consistent. There are much easier stands that are made for stage and transportation but they are not nice looking and often their are done for standing up while playing as you do on stage but some bars can be in the way while seated. I got one of that type for a Synthesizer 15 years ago and we ended up returning it as it was not working while seated. There are other fold-able in metal but they are not so nice looking to have in a home in a living area. This will look much better and more like a furniture.  I hope you will like it.

Size and assembling preparation

This section got deleted somehow…but here you have it again.

The Piano assembly will be almost 140 cm long, 80 cm high and 38 cm deep.

You need a screwdriver (philips) as the stand will come as a flat pack. I believe it will be easy to put together. You have the instruction below. The only thing you need to do is to use the longer screws to assably the stand and the shorter to attach the keyboard.



packages arrivein with UPS

It will come as three packages from UPS (Not DHL) . If I understand their home page it should probably come around Tuesday-Wednesday but I am sure you will find updated delivery estimates later today. When I emailed the sales crew for Thormann in Germany they said it is normally delivered to you doorstep but I guess you need to be home and when I have got packages from UPS they have always called to tell a time. I also know that “transportation logistics” is the last thing that is stopped in times of crises so it should not be cancellation. In worse case it could take some extra days.

I will send you the links to the package in a day or two when they have provided estimated delivery time. It might be so that I can propose a time slot as well for a day…let me investigate and see how it works. They have your telephone number for the delivery.

Package 1: Chair, headphones and power plug converter (to fit UK socket), (10 kg)
Package 2: Piano stand (16,5 kg)
Package 3: Keyboard (17 kg)

Good if you know this so you are not surprised or chocked. lol


Hope you and your lovely kids will like it. Every home should have a piano and actually its more practical to have an electrical as you don’t need to tune it and you can use head phones…

Lars xx