AMAZON dispatched up to September 18th

You can see estimated delivery date in the gray box on top of each package.

Package 1


Package 2

NOTE::: The charm below is a better quality charm and that is for you!!!!!


Package 3


Package 4


Packag 5



Package 6   (September 22th)


Package 7   (September 19)

Charm for Oliva   (if you like it…well I can get a second. Less expensive)
In the picture there is two charms…but you buy the as a single bead charm.


Package 8   (September 27th)


Package 9     (September 25th)

Charm for Oliva  (hope it looks fine even though its cheaper than yours)


Package 10    (September 26th)


Package 11  (September 26th)


Package 12   (September 26th)


Package 13    (September 19th)

Delivered to neighbour Emma

This is the “secret tool”


Package 14  (September 19th)

Delivered to Emma


Package 15   (September 19th)

Delivered in the letterbox

There will a couple of other books coming that are second hand….will be dispatched soon.