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Finding houses for sales in Mellerud

In Sweden most houses are sold via Real Estate agents that work for the seller...however according to rules they should act neutral and not damage the buyer. 

There are three potals that most agency are linked, not all. I find Hemnet the most complete. I am pretty sure that I entered the link so it will do a fresh search with the right attribute when you access the link.  

  •     Mellerud (should include villas, cabins and farms for sale in Sunne)
  •   Mellerud
  • Bostadsportal   Mellerud

Many of the objects are in multiple portal. You can also see the price of previous sales in the area. So it's quite handy.

You can also find houses that are privately sold on

I think the best would be if we do it togher over the phone so you understand what to enter in the search engines. 


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