Volcano at Tonga

Hi Ruth

I know that Alfie is really interested in Geology.

This it too really great movies about the Volcano eruption in Tonga, out in the Pacific ocean, not far from New Zealand. It was an island that was created some years ago out from the sea and when there was a land slide under water, some water went down the cracks and caused an amazing explosion.  The almost the whole island blew away. Water together with lava creates so much reaction.

The first is a BBC clip where the first minutes are interesting. After about 40 second they showed the boom from the explosion 400 km away (about the distance between London and Newcastle) in the island of Fiji. The boom was even heard in Alaska in USA 9000 km away…that is roughly the distance from Newcastle to New York and back!!!!!  As sound is mechanical transported (rather than electromagnetic as it is for light or radio waves) it is so amazing! The explosion was massive and is estimated to have been about 500 times stronger than the atom bombs that fell over Hiroshima. So see it from start and maybe a couple of minutes.

The second movie is a little shorter and explain what happen. It is really educational:

Nasa’s geology scientist comments:

I don’t know how interested he is but this is one of the most interesting geological thing that has happen during the last decade….I think…

BR Lars