I think you have an existing but expired passport…you can renew which is a quicker service than getting a new adult :

To renew a passport takes about 3 weeks (72-83 GBP) . Look at this link:

There is also a Fasttrack that takes 1 week (103GBP) or premium which take 48+ hours (128 GBP), see link


For Children to get their first passports (below 16)

A new child passport takes about 3 weeks (46-56 GBP): Look at

As you are their mother you automatically are allowed to apply. (Rita told me that Leahs father got her a passport without asking Rita…but she didnt mind…)

There is also a Fasttrack for Childs first or renew of passport, see above link.


First passport for Adult (above 16)

New adult passports takes at least 6 weeks (72-83 GBP), Look at

There is no fasttrack or premium service for first adult!!!


Post office check and send…help to check that all is complete so no restart of the process

When its a span in the cost the upper one is for the Post office “check and send” service htat my collagues recommend.


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