erica to do in gothenburg

Hi Erica

I will share some things you could do in Gothenburg. I also know that you will spend som time here with Mikaela and she has previously asked me what to do in Gothenburg when you come…so here as some proposal. I think you might have some more days here as well. My appartment is as central as it can be with easy access walking or taking the trams.
There is a city card as well and could be a deal depending what else you want to do. Paddan is include and you can also go out to Vinga and Bohus fästning (nice boat trips out in the acapellago so let us discuss depening how long time you will be here…. We also have great bikes that are everywhere that can be borrowed with a city card…


My appartment is located on Karl Gustavsgatan 12 and is the marker 1 that I have put a square around.

Please check

Proposal to do with Mikaela (as she has not seen so much of Gotherburg either). Easy to walk to all these places!!!

  1. Paddan, a sightseeign boat on the channels and harbour. I always do it when I have friends coming over. Even if I have done in a couple of times I love it all the time. Takes about an hour but get a lot of good information and the presenters normally do it so well. They leave at Marker 4. Cost 175 sek
  2. Trädgårdsföreningen, a lovely garden in the central of gothenburg. I think the entrence is free. Very beautful and easy access. Marker 5
  3. Haga, is the famous old time of Gothenburg. Mainly cosy and you must test the huge cinnamon buns taht are so famous; marker 2.
  4. Fiskekörka…fishmarket church. Its the fish market that is quite lovely to see and you can buy some shirps that you bring out in the sun and peal at the channel. Marker 3
  5. City museum. Marker 15. Never been there but should be nice.  Now a new exhibition as Gothenburg celebrate 400 years as city. The ticket 40 SEK that work in some other museums as well (marker 10 and 16)
  6. Kronhuset. This is the old Gothenburg. Marker 14. Not a must but nice.
  7. Walk passed the place where emigrants left Sweden….and the opera house. Marker 6 
  8. When you are down town you need to see our city by foot.
  • Marker 12 is down town…lovely walk…and pass by Kungstorget and maybe go into the market hall.
  • walk marker 4 to marker 9 which is our avenue. At Marker 9 its Götaplaten.

Part from Paddan, City museum its free…not sure about kronhusbodarna

Other places:

Its lovely to visit the achepelago as well and the tram goes out there and you just pay a standar ticket for tram and ferry out to the island. We can talk about it.

Gothenburg was named the number one “socialable city in the world” a month ago…