Children books…some thoughts

I am so passionate about the role of education and schools, not only for knowledge but also to be the base for creating the base to young people to develop, feel proud and find opportunities in life.

As I recently found out a project in a school in UK who runs a project I thought I could share something here to simplify to share some brilliant things I have found.

The Swedish Academy for Children’s Books

I guess that everyone has heard about the Nobel prize that is given out on the 10th of December in Literature every year. It is probably the most prestigious prize in the world. The laureates are selected by the Swedish Academy  which was founded 1786 by our king Gustav III to in some way make sure that the Swedish language was kept alive and maintained in a good way.

To promote children's book we have also started "The Swedish Academy for Children’s Books" which has been initiated by authors and publishers of children's book to promote that children get in contact with books, are read for in young age but also that there are good book suitable for their own reading. They have nailed down 17 reasons why this is important which I think are lovely. They have also been letting 17 of the children book illustrators contribute with one picture to make exhibition material focusing on that. They have it in several languages, including English but also in foreign languages where many of our immigrants come from (Arabic, Polish, Russian, Turkey, Belerus etc.) Check it out. I think these reasons are so well described and by adding the picture it appeals and connect to children's books. They have made them available for everyone to download and use. As they have been prepared them to be printable in good quality in A3 size the files are huge so you need to be connected to a wifi or LAN. 

Click to on the left side to explore. You can use it as they are or get inspiration in your project. They are developing a "Teachers manual" to support in how to work with the exhibition material but that is not released yet.

All the important Swedish illustrators and authors of children books has been in this academy and Sven Nordqvist was a member of the academy between 1991 and 2011. When I look at the list of authors my heart get warm because most of the authors of books that we read for my kids...or they read later by themselves is there. The biggest Icon is Astrid Lindgren who was an Honor member as her production phase was much earlier but is of course the Swedish author ever to have the widest spread globally with Pippi Longstocking, Noisy Village, Lotta, Emil...etc.

Some extra ideas

I found the movies on YouTube in English

Actually I managed to find all the Pettson and Findus books as movies in English. However I think we miss the opportunity to promote reading if you just let them see the

However I have very little insight in how you would like run it but here is the link on Youtube to a guy who has put them all up. As said I will send you at least 2 additional books up to the summers so maybe it would be a

Pettson books is seen as "safe and generous Books/movies with an heart

Making a Gingerbread man hunt movie

I can also do my own Gingerbread man hunt if Gothenburg  with a video camera if you like visiting places if you like the idea. I do quite a lot of movie editing but never act...but as the viewers is in a different country I am it could be done. It could be like a news cast that he has been seen here... Not very ambitious but maybe fun....

Gingerbread snaps at IKEA

Of course IKEA sells Gingerbread cookies at their stores. They sell them in packages and I doubt they are not very expensive but I have no idea.  When I have been travelling for my job I were often abroad I always brought Gingerbread snaps to my colleagues for Christmas. I am sure those we have is better than IKEAs however logistically it's easier for you. I promise I will bring some to Newcastle when I come but now you probably need to rely on IKEA. I have a Swedish friend from Gothenburg now married and living in Newcastle. I will check with her if there are other stores that have them.... Much easier than baking them but probably just heart shaped.

I emailed IKEA in Gateshead and they said they were carrying KAFFEREP Ginger thins
and they good 2.95 per package of 600gr. However they said that they were very popular so some days they run out...


So this was some ideas.