AFS- Migrationsverket

The authority that handle migration and visas are Migrationsverket. 

  • As a foreigner outside EU you area alowed ot stay 90 days in each 180 days cylce without any permit or visa. 

If you want a temporarely or a permanent visa they have very good information on their website:


Normal circumstances

You come here to work

You come here to work, either as employed or self-employed. There are rules for how this be done...and you need to read about it

You move to someone in Sweden

First two years temporary and after that its normally transferred to a permanent.

Special circumstances


This is all about people feeing from war or terror.  I doubt that Trumps presidency will make this possible 

Resident permit for close relatives

This is mainly for refugees to be able to reconnect families. The important it that you can prove that you lived with a close relative before they moved to Sweden, then you have the right to apply to follow. This will not be applicable for your case, not close enough relatives in Sweden and they have not lived with you before they left to Sweden (as they never left Sweden) ...not much right here...

Family members to the applicants

For family members, its simple. They are co-applicants and if the main person get a permit the rest get the same permit (temporary or permanent)


I asked about the rights and they stated that everyone having a permit to live in Sweden has the same rights as Swedish citizents except voting right...and maybe some minor things. However the social network is there for everyone...if I understand it correctly. Naturally we have to check it up in detail if you find it interesting.

I am naturally see all of your thoughts as just you ”thinking loud” and you shared it with me as a friend to find more information and maybe some advice to gather facts. I will naturally not disclose your identity.